S p i r i tism
* Bragdon, Emma "Kardec's Spiritism:
A Home for Healing and Spiritual Evolution. "
If you are interest in learning more about Spiritism you are
welcome to contact me.  
You can also order books on Spiritism from this
website's very own Bookshelf.
Emma Bragdon's book "Kardec's Spiritism"  would be
one of my first recommendations.  Kardec's "The Spirits' Book"
would be another choice to begin with.  
There is a Spiritist section in the Bookshelf as well as links in Resources.
~ Allan Kardec
These universal principles relate mankind
to his environment and the rest of the universe.
They present practical principles to live by,
bringing the essence of all religion to life,
while inspiring personal spiritual evolution.
~ Emma Bragdon

"These ethical principles to live by
will transform Earth into a planet
that will become the home of a far
greater number of evolved beings.  
This is the Law of Progress,
to which all nature must submit.  
The Spiritist principles are a lever
the Almighty makes use of to spring
humanity toward a new era."
Allan Kardec quotes a Spirit who refers to Spiritism
in the Gospel Explained by Spiritist Doctrine
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