I have been studying the Healing Arts
for most of my life.  I'm now working
closer to Spirit than any other time.    

I took refuge and practice in the
Tibetan Buddhist Lineage of the
Nyingmapa Yogis.  My Heart
sees all Faiths and Spiritual  
practices as One.

Energy Medicine has been my main
focus for many years now, heightened
by studies of Peruvian Shamanism and
Brazilian Spiritism.  

The Brazilian culture and healing
centers have impressed and inspired
me with their level of moral integrity,
bringing healing directly to Spirit.

I pray to share such moral integrity
with Spirit, cultivated through my
Spiritual and Healing practices.

This is briefly where I stand on my
path today.  May I be of some service
and healing along your path, in this
Earthly life of our Divine Spirits.

Love & Blessings,